Norwegian Rainforest

Rainforest Cut

Art & Conceptual Direction


The rainforest hosts more than 200 million people and approximately 50% of the worlds different species. Unfortunately every third second an area of the size of a football field is chopped down.

“Rainforest Deforestation”

1,490,000 results on Google.

“Rooney Hair”

17,500,000 results on Google.

We realized that people are not really aware of the problem. But they sure are interested in football player haircuts. It’s sad, since the trees don’t grow back. But hair does. So we came up with the idea The Rainforest Cut. A campaign during the FIFA World Cup in 2014 based on a haircut inspired from deforestation. The result: 15000 football fields of rainforest saved.

The campaign in 2 minutes.

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