A job well done

Art & Conceptual Direction


Beckers asked us in 2018 how can we make both consumers and professionals feel more confident when painting outdoor?
Our answer: the campaign A job well done.


A campaign focusing on providing the best outdoor products and advices for both B2C and B2B. For consumers we highlighted the satisfying feeling after you’re finished with painting - they don’t really want to be reminded of the painting, just the result.

For professionals we’re guiding them with advices for the latest products - they sure want to know every aspect of painting since that’s their job.

The feeling of a job well done.

Consumers gets inspiration. 

The path to a job well done.

Professionals gets guidance.

The campaign continued our concept Life. In color. which is all about communicating authentic yet premium life moments. Being inspirational rather than informative.

Mixed moments from Life. In color. from different campaigns - both outdoor and indoor.

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